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Spend Some Time in Britain

March 25, 2017
Britain is also known as the United Kingdom and includes not only the United Kingdom of Great Britain, but Northern Ireland as well. This area is in Western Europe and Queen Elizabeth is in charge. While many people hope to see a member or two of the Royal Family while they are in Britain, most of them will have to be happy with all of the other attractions.

Here are 5 places that everyone needs to see while in Britain:

1. Hadrian’s Wall

The seventy-three miles of Hadrian’s Wall is what is left from the project that was built during the Roman Empire. The wall is now a World Heritage Site and people can walk along the Hadrian’s Wall Path, which is the country’s newest trail, in Northern England.

2. Stonehedge

The stones of Stonehedge were placed there between 3000 and 1500 B.C. and this famous ancient monument is quite popular with the tourists. People need to purchase a timed ticket to guarantee that they can enter to see the monument as well as the Visitor Center where the other exhibits are located.

3. Tower of London

There are eighteen acres of land surrounding the Tower of London, so people will be busy for at least an entire day when visiting this attraction. The White Tower was built in 1078 by William the Conqueror and this is where people can see displays of royal armor. There are also displays that give the history of prisoners and executions, as well as the Royal Mint and the Crown Jewels.

4. Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is the summer residence of the Royal Family. People are only able to enter the State Apartments when the Queen is not there, so everyone needs to check to see if the Royal Flag is flying prior to planning their day. Even if is not possible to go inside, many will still want to experience the Changing of the Guard in the Castle Precincts.

5. Cambridge University

There are numerous historical buildings that have been preserved and these are all alongside the other buildings at Cambridge University. The area is filled with shops and restaurants, so everyone will be able to find something to do during the day. The best time to visit Cambridge is when they are hosting one of their multiple events that include the 800-year-old Midsummer Fair and the Cambridge Folk Festival.

A trip to Britain can be combined with visits to many other countries. However, if people decide to do that, they will want to make sure that they have plenty of time to see everything in the countries that they are visiting.